Sample Container


 The 1 liter glass sample container that we produce is a product, which is resistant to chemicals, which is inexpensive, environment friendly and which can be supplied from domestic market. Moreover, the container permits visual control of the sample from outside. In addition to the these advantages, it is also in line with the Glass Fuel Oil Sample Containers standard that is set forth in TSE 13316 published in December 2007.


    Since our sample container is much more resistant to chemicals compared to glass bottles thanks to the additional characteristic it has in the inner layer, it is an excellent sample container for various food products, liquids, chemicals, small granular materials in addition to petroleum products.




Characteristics of the Sample Container       

The sample container is composed of a glass bottle, plastic cap, seal and protective box.


Glass Bottle;

     1- It is manufactured with transparent, colorless glass in a cylindrical shape with a capacity of 1 liter. Lead is absolutely not used in the components of the bottle and the glass is soda-lime glass, the inner layer of which is chemically treated (Type 2) in compliance with TS 13316.


     2- The foggy appearance on the surface, which is due to the chemical procedure followed during the production of the bottle, is eliminated by washing and drying.


    3-  Our Colored Bottles, are formed by painting with organic glass dye and baking at 200 º C. This process provides protection for the sample from light and UV.


     4- Fuel oil plunger can easily enter the outlet of the bottle.


     5- The sealing of the bottle is ensured by screwing the cap.


     6- There are ears on both sides of the bottle for sealing.


     7- The bottle is also used to take samples from the tank by means of placing inside the sample frame.


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