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     Baycan Distribution has been active in İzmir I Turkey since 1988. We observed that the fuel oil sector lacked sample containers; therefore, we produced the first glass sample container and the container is granted with a certificate documenting its compliance with fuel oil sample bottle requirements and necessitating the widespread use of the said equipment in the fuel oil sector by METU PAL (Middle East Technical University, Petroleum Research Center).


     An application is made to the Turkish Patent Institute of the Republic of Turkey for the glass sample container, and the Utility Model Certificate numbered TR 2006 00111 Y and the Design Registration Certificate numbered 2006 00121 are granted.


     We cooperated with the TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) standard preparation committee for the preparation of the standard for Sample Containers Utilized for the Preservation and Transportation of Samples for Crude Oil, Fuel Oil and Mineral Oils no TS 13316, which was enacted in December 2007 by the TSE.


     Our product is in line with the Glass Fuel Oil Sample Containers standard that is set forth in TS13316.


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